‘Threshold too high’  

Students who sit on an association board will soon have access to a new arrangement for tuition-free studying. But student party SOG feels the threshold for that arrangement is much too high. 

RUG quits Study Centre  

A year after opening the Study Centre at the Zernike Campus, the RUG is quitting the preparatory programme for students outside the EU. 


One of the advantages of online journalism is that we can place updates, clarifications and/or corrections immediately. But we feel it’s important to be clear about it when we make these changes. 

Pricey visit to Yantai campus  

On Tuesday afternoon, a delegation consisting of 48 RUG employees set off to Yantai to visit the future branch campus. The pricey trip appears to be part of a charm offensive by the RUG board in the hopes of garnering more support for the branch campus. 

Sixth in sustainability ranking  

Just like last year, the RUG has come in sixth place in the SustainaBul, the sustainability ranking for Dutch higher education institutes. 

The hazing struggle  

Hazing practices at student associations must be addressed, say the students and staff of the University Council. To that end, the RUG is introducing a voluntary code of conduct. 

DAG storms into Council  

Student faction DAG made a surprising debut in the University Council elections: The party has won two seats.