Political views scrutinised  

A majority in the Lower House wants to investigate the political preferences of researchers. 

‘Change up exams’  

International RUG students should have more opportunities to visit family during the academic year, students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering feel. They are proposing to change the exam schedules. 

Google honours Aletta Jacobs  

Google will honour Aletta Jacobs, the Netherlands' first female student and doctor, with a Doodle on Thursday, her 163rd birthday. 

Independence in danger  

Sense, the magazine published by the Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN), will be discontinued. This is not an isolated incident. Publications covering Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their independence. 

Protest? ‘No, thanks’  

More than 4,000 Groningen residents picked up a torch on Tuesday evening to protest gas extraction, but there were few students among them. And those that were there were watching, empty-handed. 

Naked on Snapchat  

Using the phrase ‘Tits out for Nijmegen!’, students from that city are sharing naked photos of themselves on a Snapchat account. 

ISO: ‘No extra costs’  

At many universities, students often wrongfully have to pay additional costs on top of their tuition fees, the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) says.