Protests in Budapest  

All eyes in the academic world are on Hungary, where the government is threatening to shut down the CEU. RUG employee and former CEU student Marina van Riel is worried. 

Housing mafia  

The UK went undercover in an attempt to unmask the perpetrators of housing fraud in Groningen which victimised students. That’s what this week’s ‘At the UK’ is about. 

From the ivory tower to the streets  

On 22 April, people from all over the world will take to the streets during the March for Science. The organisers want to show that science is not ‘just an opinion'. 

Art for a few euros  

If you have ever wanted to own an original painting but never had the funds to purchase one, here is a golden opportunity: this week, 360 pieces of art will be auctioned off at the RUG. 

Being bald ‘is pretty awkward’  

RUG student Hermien Heeres has had alopecia since she was four. The disease has caused all her hair to fall out. She will be telling her story on television starting Tuesday night. 

RUG adjusting introduction period  

The RUG will be making some adjustments to the introduction period for students. In the interest of integration, the changes are meant to make it more appealing for foreign students to come to Groningen sooner. 

Fire? In three minutes, you are dead  

Fire broke out in two Groningen student houses last week. In the event of a house fire, you only have three minutes to save yourself. The smoke and toxic fumes are particularly dangerous.