Fearful of internationals  

Most members of student associations are not very excited about students from other countries. They fear they have to change their working language and, as such, lose their culture. 

Traffic chaos at Zernike  

The bicycle tracks to Zernike have changed, which results in difficult situations. Things will remain like this for a few years due to the construction of the Feringa Building. A solution is currently being worked on. 

Open letter to Dutch women  

José is a PhD from Latin America. He would love to be in a romantic relationship with a Dutch woman, but somehow it just won't happen. Why is that? He is 'way too nice', he heard. 'Has feminism killed chivalry?' 

‘Ban hazing violence’  

Education minister Bussemaker wants universities to take decisive action against excesses at student associations. 

UB threatens with fines  

Now that books at the University Library (UB) are automatically extended, many students are facing a hefty fine. 

FEB alarmed by Hanze master  

People at the Faculty of Economics and Business were alarmed to hear about the Hanze University of Applied Sciences’ plans to start a business master. 

‘Yantai’ behind closed doors  

The spatial sciences faculty council wants to decide whether or not they will give their consent to Yantai behind closed doors.