Professors about Yantai: ‘Just do it’  

‘Yantai is a promising and responsible adventure, writes professor Tom Wansbeek in a letter published in the Dagblad van het Noorden. More than a hundred professors signed this letter. 

Tinkering with bacteria  

Twelve RUG students are leaving for Boston to present a bacterium they designed themselves. They managed to embed the DNA from a virus in a lactic acid bacterium. 

‘They broke down the door’  

The suspect in a shooting at the Korreweg, which left a student paralysed for life, was hiding in a student flat. The other people living in the flat have a hard time grasping this. 

Urgent letter about room shortage  

Stop avoiding responsibility and fix the room shortage that international students suffer from. This is what student party Lijst Calimero writes in a letter to the RUG. 

Astronomers discover galaxies gone wild  

Fifty percent of stars were created during starbursts in the universe’s early days, discovered Groningen astronomer Karina Caputi. 

Aletta Jacobs becomes world heritage  

UNESCO has declared the RUG alumna Aletta Jacobs archives to be world heritage. It is now officially part of Memory of the World Register. 

Solar field supplies power to KVI  

No fewer than 1,700 solar panels have been installed on the north side of the Zernike campus. They supply enough power for 120 households.