Commotion about animal testing  

The Animal Rights Foundation has accused the RUG of performing hundreds of unethical tests on wild animals. Researcher Peter Meerlo feels the accusation is unwarranted. 

This is what the new restaurants look like  

The RUG wants to offer its students and staff more sustainable and healthier food. This week, the brand new restaurants opened their doors. So what are they like? 

2017: The COCK, bathrooms and lots of stress  

Gender neutral peeing. The bicycle mess. Work pressure and stress. Housing. Yantai. The Universiteitskrant looks back on the most high-profile subjects and stories of 2017. 

Fewer female professors at the RUG  

The number of female professors at the RUG has dropped. The national average has gone up slightly, but the men are still still in the majority in academic top posts. 

Smoking near the door  

Since the start of the academic year, smoking near the entrances of RUG buildings is forbidden. But the ban is largely ignored. And no one says anything to people lighting up. 

The UK is independent – now and always  

A few former editors have gone to the media to accuse the Universiteitskrant (UK) of censorship. They also say they were fired because of their critical stance. The UK editorial staff staunchly disagrees with this. ‘The UK’s editorial independence is not at risk.’ 

‘Yantai’ gets a party secretary after all  

The board of the University of Groningen Yantai (UGY) will have a party secretary from the Chinese Communist Party. Earlier, the RUG board said that this would not be the case.