A fester in higher education  

Four student movements from four cities gathered on Wednesday to discuss their concerns about higher education. ‘These issues are festering everywhere.’ 

A new view of cybercrime  

There is too great a focus on the ‘human factor’ in the way we deal with cybercrime. But the technology actually plays a deciding role, says Wytske van der Wagen. 

‘I’m looking forward to Eid’  

Kun je studeren en vasten tegelijk? Zeker, vinden de RUG-studentes van de kersverse islamitische vereniging Deen. Na zonsondergang komen ze samen voor een maaltijd.  

Jan Anton Koster is the best supervisor ever  

PhD students elected Jan Anton Koster, associate professor of applied physics at the department of photophysics and optoelectronics, to be the best supervisor of 2018. And that meant a lot. 

Scabies on the rise in Groningen  

Red bumps, flaky skin? A maddening itch? Then you might have scabies. According to the GGD, the disease is spreading fast among Groningen students. 

Station to increase bike parking spaces  

You’ll only have trouble finding a space for your bike at the station for another five years: after that, it should be easy to park. New routes will also make the station more accessible. 

RUG staff to get raise  

Universities and unions have agreed on a new collective agreement for university staff. The agreement includes a structural raise and longer single contracts.