The best KEI junk  

You’re probably overwhelmed by all the free crap you received at the RUG's introduction market. But there are some freebies you can actually use. 

Fewer mandatory internships  

Medical students sometimes have to wait eighteen months for an internship spot. Four of them are now no longer mandatory. 

‘NWO excludes young scientists’  

Young scientists in the humanities and social sciences are angry. They are not allowed to enter research plans in a new subsidy scheme from research fund NWO. 

Philosophy switches to plant-based food  

The Faculty of Philosophy will start serving mainly plant-based snacks and drinks during events. They will still provide meat and fish, but it won’t be the standard option any more. 

Concerns about RUG’s record growth  

A more than 20 percent increase in students threatens trouble for the RUG. The university council is concerned about housing and space at the university. 

The only bells in the Middle East  

Discerning listeners would have noticed that the Academy building’s bells sounded a little different last Monday. They were being played by the only carilloneur of the Middle East, Israeli Gabi Shefler. 

Jouke de Vries to be new RUG president  

RUG professor Jouke de Vries will succeed Sibrand Poppema as president of the university board of directors. De Vries will be appointed for a four-year term in October.