A platform for Sterken  

Amnesty International has answered Elmer Sterken’s call for a university discussion about discrimination. Today, Amnesty will set up an outdoor ‘living room’ where students can share coffee and conversation. Student Assessor Saina Abeshzadeh will attend. 

RUG biologist gets millions in grant  

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded RUG biologist Franjo Weissing a 2.5 million euro grant. The professor of theoretical biology wants to use the grant to study the evolution of organisms’ adaptation mechanisms. 

Zernike gets ‘green promenade’  

A mile-long ‘green promenade’ with seating and patios is meant to freshen up Zernike’s look, making it more inviting as well as safer and more accessible. 

UB terrace to close if people keep smoking [UPDATE]  

The terrace on the second floor of the UB will close if students continue to ignore the smoking ban there. 

Individual faculties can go to Yantai  

Faculties will have the opportunity to collaborate with the China Agricultural University in Yantai on an individual basis. The RUG won’t rule out the possibility of a potential branch campus after all. 

These students are leaving Facebook  

More than 31,000 Dutch people will be saying goodbye to Facebook after television presenter Arjen Lubach made an appeal to do so. Three RUG students explain why they’ve had enough of the social network. 

Containers for staff at Zernike  

The Faculty of Science and Engineering wants to put up portable office containers that can provide workspace for between forty and fifty staff members.